So often people think that organic foods are the most nutritious foods simply because they are organic.  But independent scientific analysis and comparative studies have always indicated that the differences between conventionally raised and organic are razor thin.  They are equally safe.  They are equally nutritious.  And even NPR posts an article that leads in with: It may seem counterintuitive, but foods that are grown to organic standards can contain commercially manufactured pesticides.

For years we have asked people to think beyond organic.  It's shocking to hear a lady recently say that organic sugar was okay in moderation.  The implication that organic is the answer takes consumers' eyes off the ball.  Instead of examining the foods they eat in light of each food item's inherent chemistry, they cling to simple labels such as organic, nonGMO, natural, vegetable fed, local, free range, gluten free, etc., thinking that if they just eat those foods they are eating properly.  But eating properly is far more than that.

When it comes to toxins, the EPA tests for parts per billion.  When one eats oatmeal for breakfast, two percent of the oatmeal is inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids.  Two percent is huge compared to a part per billion.  In nearly every case you can name, the chemistry of food trumps all else when it comes to impacting the human body.  Understanding the chemistry of foods is the reason for The Real Diet of Man.

Did you know that all plants produce pesticides that are stronger than EPA limits for man-made pesticides? That's why there are Organically Grown Poisonous Plants.

To learn a little more about organic toxins this short NPR article makes a fine read.