Column #318     October 8, 2021Chase: Our Best Customer

We always enjoy hearing from customers. Well, maybe not “always.” There’s the old saying that no matter what you do you can’t please everyone. But doing your best to please loyal, supportive customers is critically important for keeping a business sustainable.

The main objective of our business is to encourage the consumption of the healthiest food known to exist. Our grass-fed meat, Omega-3 meat, and wild-caught fish is just that. We don’t try to make them appear to be more than what they actually are—which is the world’s most perfect health food. Unfortunately, at least for humans, they are far from the world’s most popular food.

Most of our customers embrace the goal to be healthy and fit to live another day. But doing so requires exceptional discipline to eat ONLY low glycemic, nutrient diverse and dense foods that have 1:1 ratios of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Many of our best customers have written or called to tell us how they improved their health by sticking with the chemistry of the foods man ate prior to the invention of agriculture. They’re proud of themselves for being proactive in ending symptoms of various chronic diseases that had plagued them for decades. Naturally, we are very proud to be part of their success. Then, every once in awhile, we hear from a different kind of customer that made a dramatic, short-term turnaround in their health. It always occurred after their master had switched them to a strict, grass-fed, raw-meat diet.

Here’s a story that we just received. It came from Chase who had asked his “master” to pass it onto us.

“I’m an Olde English Bulldogge which is a breed that has serious issues with allergies when fed dry, veggie-based, dog foods. In my case my feet became so swollen and red I could barely walk. I was miserable. The vet had me doped up with steroids and antibiotics that really didn’t provide much relief. In addition the high cost of the drugs kept my master in a grumpy mood which made me feel like I was a burden rather than his faithful friend.1

“But luck intervened. My master’s son was into the keto diet. He told his father that I should try a raw grass-fed meat diet and recommended Slanker Grass-Fed Meat. It was ordered immediately. With my first bite I knew the meat was a good thing. It was a perfect mix of meat, fat, and organs without any nasty fillers! Very tasty. And it was only a matter of days when my allergy issues started improving. Now they’re GONE! It was like a miracle. There were also additional benefits. Now my hair has a beautiful shine and there’s no more ugly odors. My quality of life has hit 100%. SGFM’s pet food literally saved and extended my life, I’m sure if it.

“I’m a very serious dog that has taken care of the home front like a trooper. I may appear laid back, but I’m always alert. I’m certainly strong, very confident, and quite courageous when needed. When it’s appropriate, I can also be loving and friendly. Now, thanks to raw meat from SFGM, I’ve never been healthier and there’s no more pills! I’m in top form and proud of myself.

“Your best customer. Chase.”

When animals with health issues are put on strict diets of raw grass-fed meat, omega-3 meat, and wild-caught seafood they usually respond faster than people do when they try the same diet. Usually that’s due to the pet lovers making sure their pets toe the line, day in and day out, for months and years on end. They also avoid diluting their perfectly balanced meats with veggies—especially raw veggies which often host natural toxins. They also know that cooking meat degrades its nutrients which is why it’s best eaten raw. This focus usually eludes humans.

In the same way that the grass-fed-, Omega-3-, wild-caught-meat diet works for dogs and cats it also works for people. Keep in mind that after dry pet foods became popular, the veterinarian business changed dramatically. Originally veterinarians worked mostly with big farm animals in the country along with treating a few dogs and cats on the side. Injuries, viral diseases, worms, and birthing problems were the primary issues.

Modern veterinarians work in the cities and towns and specialize in treating dogs and cats for chronic diseases while they prescribe grain-based, vegetarian diets. It’s the high glycemic rations, with their many missing and skewed nutrients, that cause pets to quickly get all the same popular chronic diseases people get. It just hits them faster because they live shorter lives.

It’s the same old story. We are all what we eat.2 3 4

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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