Column #439        January 26, 2024Monkey Looking in a Mirror

When the main stream media (MSM), the woke mob, politicians, government agencies, respected scholars at elite universities, and big businesses such as Disney, the NFL, Target, and others push narratives that don’t agree with your beliefs—do you ever ask yourself if maybe they have a point you’ve missed? To put it another way, if you’ve never wondered about the validity of your beliefs, why would you expect those with whom you disagree to question their beliefs?

When it comes to politics, there are a lot of Americans who view elections as popularity contests. The Founding Fathers saw elections as much more than that because they experienced multiple abuses at the hands of the kings of England and their governors. They studied world history and tried to fashion a new structure for a country that would protect their freedoms. They started by assuming that basic human rights were ordained by God—not other men.

If that was the basis for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, when it comes to analyzing our government’s policies and the people elected to protect and defend the Constitution, there exists a framework by which we can cross reference our American beliefs. For certain, an election is far from a popularity contest. It’s a contest for the best leadership in enforcing laws, passing laws, and in managing the country’s constitutionally-mandated affairs that are front and center.

If I get into a discussion with a liberal leaning individual, when it comes to Donald Trump I get a lot of feedback regarding Trump. His hair is weird, he’s pompous, he talks too much, he repeats himself, he’s hated, he’s Hitler, he’s a dictator, he’ll destroy democracy, he’s an election denier, he’s a cult leader, he’s racist, he lies, and so forth. All of these comments are perceptions of his personality, physical appearance, and mental mindset. Not one word applies to his previously enacted policies and if they adhere to the spirit of the Constitution.

After being browbeaten to death with personality traits, it’s time to see if the conversation can switch to how the policies of parties and presidents impact our lives. For instance, dictators tell us how we should live. They demand that people must do various things such as:
● Wear masks.
● Take vaccines.
● Get rid of gas stoves.
● Get rid of gas appliances.
● Get rid of machines with Internal Combustion Engines.
● Set a date requiring a total conversion to EVs.
● Shutdown Petroleum Pipelines and restrict oil drilling options.
● Raise the minimum wage of federal contract workers.
● Open the U.S. border.
● Establish a White House Gender Policy Council—DEI.
● Increase government regulations.
● Require citizens to prepare immediately for global warming.
● Promote lawfare.
● Require noncitizens to be included in the Census.
● Halt construction of the border wall.
● Suppress free speech to prevent “disinformation.”
● Require Federal agencies to monitor conservative citizens.
● Spend money recklessly causing price inflation and excessive debt.
● Outlaw firearms.
● Cause wars.
● Increase their power by dividing people and causing strife.

All of these actions either force citizens to do certain things or stop them from doing certain things. They are implemented by ignoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights and current laws. They increase the financial burdens of the citizenry and eliminate free choice. I’m sure you can think of additional decrees that were mandated during the past three years! In other words our current dictators are placing ever larger government yokes around the necks of all citizens.

Being an election denier does not constitute a desire to destroy democracy. If it did, then many Democrats would be guilty of the same “crime.” Examining voting methods, to make sure only every legal vote counts, is actually supportive of the democratic process. If the voting system is corrupted, democracy is dead. The lawfare that’s been introduced by the Democrats is another method by which democracy is destroyed. A country without an honest legal system is worse than a country without laws.

When DEI adherents say Trump is a Hitler and racist, that’s hypocrisy plain and simple. For certain Biden is not color blind when it comes to people. People promoting DEI look at everything physical about a person except their character and qualifications. The color of a person’s skin is the first thing they see. The second thing they acknowledge is their “sexual” preferences. Trump is a working-class sort of guy. Building resorts, skyscrapers and golf courses requires an exceptional ability to get along with people doing the physical work. This is one of Trump’s most positive attributes. He will ask the people on the front lines, no matter their skin color or sex, to explain the problems they see, in order for him to solve big and small problems faster. He does that by actually visiting problem areas. And, as he says, “We all bleed the same red blood.”1

People who believe liberal probaganda never ask what their representatives and president can do to limit government in order for them to make a better life. Instead they ask for increases in their benefits, additional holidays, reductions in their student debts, increased wages, bigger government programs of all kinds, guarantees of health, wealth, and retirement, free educations, increases in public work projects, and other activities all of which are unconstitutional! On the other hand Trump wants to reduce the government’s size and its impact on the citizenry. He wants to reduce taxes, increase tariffs, eliminate unnecessary regulations, and shrink the number of bureaucrats and regulators. He wants a freer market where the people decide what they want for themselves.2

If people want to prepare for global warming, they can do whatever they deem necessary. But if others decide not to, such as buy a $11.75 million estate next to the ocean in Martha's Vineyard, they should be able to do that too. If some citizens want a gas stove they can keep it or buy one. If citizens do not want an EV vehicle, they shouldn’t be forced to eventually buy one nor be saddled with subsidizing EV manufacturers. That’s freedom of choice.

It seems that even many liberals are finally fed up with our nation’s wide open border. They are being negatively impacted by the unprecedented invasion of millions of illegal immigrants not only in terms of public safety but in the welfare required to handle them. Consequently, everyone knows that it was Trump who wrangled all kinds of backdoor deals to build more than 450 miles of brand-new border wall–replacing miles of dilapidated, ineffective old barriers. And they know that on day one Biden stopped building that wall even though many more miles of material were ready to be installed.

And that brings up the charges of lying. Biden’s administration says there is no problem at the border, even though millions of people have poured across it in the past three years. Biden says he is reuniting the country, yet in his speeches and decrees he causes more division than ever by denouncing America-first citizens, promoting DIE, demanding lawfare by his Federal agencies, and subjecting citizens to decrees which limit their rights. He says he is defending democracy, yet he is destroying democracy. The list of blatant lies where his actions speak louder than words have become legendary.

When it comes to wars, it seems Biden embraces them rather than prevents them. We know for a fact that Obama and Biden’s foreign policies caused Russia to invade Ukraine. They followed decades of NATO expansion and stuck it in Putin’s eyes. They literally forced Putin into a predicted corner and created an invasion that was totally preventable. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a horrendous exhibition of a weak administration that actually left billions of dollars of arms in enemy hands. Recently Biden sent billions of dollars to Iran and now he’s fighting Houthis who are blocking shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Then, to top off the insanity, the Biden administration claims that war is economially beneficial for our country because it funds a thriving defense industry!

Builders of industry like Trump do not view war as wealth creation. He sees wars as death, destruction, and eventually a bankrupt state. He, like any student of history, knows that perpetual wars have always brought down even the strongest countries. Being strong does not mean you have to continuously prove it by going to war. It means you must have firm boundaries and make sure others understand that fact. It’s better to increase commerce with others than fight them.

Earlier this week, Senator Rand Paul was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. Amongst his many comments, Paul said that around half of the Republican senators are old guard RINO Republicans. They mostly vote with Democrats or compromise with them. His take was that most of them are afraid of their constituents because they do not represent conservative or libertarian values. They are terrified that their voters may find out whom they really represent. They are phony conservatives and Republicans in name only.

John and Nisha Whitehead explain our political class thusly: “Psychopaths and politicians both have a tendency to be selfish, callous, remorseless users of others, irresponsible, pathological liars, glib, con artists, lacking in remorse and shallow. Charismatic politicians, like criminal psychopaths, exhibit a failure to accept responsibility for their actions, have a high sense of self-worth, are chronically unstable, have socially deviant lifestyles, need constant stimulation, have parasitic lifestyles and possess unrealistic goals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Democrats or Republicans.”3

On the other hand we already know that Trump is America itself. He actually believes in America first. He may have a “high sense of self-worth” but he is also a master at achieving unrealistic goals because he is gutsy, industrious, charismatic, imaginative, and unapologetically himself. As such, more than anyone else, he embodies the spirit that made this country the greatest country in the world.

As a country the United States is experiencing a period of great moral, educational, financial, and military decay. If we are to reverse the malaise that is suffocating the people, we need to believe in ourselves with almost religious fanaticism and work really hard in order to make things change for the better. It’s well known that confident people are to be admired rather than denigrated. Leaders like Trump appear to simply “will things into existence.” In that respect he’s inspirational and his people love him for it. Others fear those traits. They also fear change. But the change Trump opts for is based on evolution rather than decrees from elites. That means the freewill of all people prevails over all time.

Some people fear good acts with great emotion because they do not understand the basic differences between good and evil. Others don’t understand how policies impact citizens. And then there are others who actually believe they must follow the dictates of elitists and bureaucrats because those chosen few know best how they should function. In other words, all those brainwashed folks just don’t get it.4

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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