Column #393      March 10, 2023Train Wreck

For sane folks, this is a topic that makes eyes roll back into our heads. So I’ll try to make this rather concise. But we can’t just sweep stupid under the rug anymore and pretend total nonsense is a passing fad. That’s because stupid continues to pound a louder drum than sane and there’s way too many folks out there who do not think for themselves. They are easily brainwashed and many of them are in positions of influence.

I first started noticing stupid in grade school. A few kids never seemed to have personal limits which caused them (and others) grief. What they thought was cool was actually stupid. It got worse in high school and by the time college rolled around there were plenty of examples of mob rule, following the crowd, cult following, and weird fantasies. As the years went by, I kept thinking that my peers would mature and critical thinking would be more the norm. For most of my peers it did, but still there has always been some folks who never got enough real life experiences to sharpen their critical thinking skills.

What’s really bad is that these days nearly all of the students in grade school, high school, and college are graduating fully indoctrinated with stupidity. In addition there are the recent graduates that haven’t yet learned anything in the real world. On top of that there are the teacher’s unions, the MSM “journalists,” and bureaucrats many of whom haven’t learned what it takes to be good United States citizen.

Compounding the idiocy is that too many people, the minute they get out of school, stop studying the things that matter most. Instead of history, social studies, religion, and science they respond mostly to their emotions and desire to conform with the more intelligent social groups they hang with. Looking at the big picture escapes them. Most folks never manage a business with employees and far fewer still are in agriculture where they are required to have more skill sets than any other endeavor. For them, thinking really hurts.

Here are just a few of the stupidly woke ideas that trouble me.

Nobody desires more crime. But being lenient with criminals and cutting back on police protection invites more crime. If guns are outlawed, ONLY criminals will have guns. Defenseless people are more likely to be victimized than those who can defend themselves. Yet today some people want less police protection, less incarceration of known criminals, and all guns confiscated. Brilliant!

Countries can only exist if they have borders. That’s why countries fight to maintain their borders. But the United States has opened its southern border for anyone who wants to just walk in. Yet our federal government refuses to let the world’s number one tennis player Novak Djokovic, who has natural immunity and may well be one of the healthiest men on the planet, enter the country because he hasn’t taken the Covid vaccine. This same government has decreed that the pandemic is over—yet for Djokovic it’s still pushing outdated and unscientific pandemic rules. Who can support this kind of thinking?1

Official responses to COVID-19 exposed the differences that exist between science and bureaucratic decrees. Yet many people to this day still use masks that don’t work and want to take the Covid vaccine that not only doesn’t prevent Covid infections but causes harms. The insanity of the CDC’s pandemic response was and still is so horrible that the entire agency has destroyed it’s reputation with most Americans!

One of the most radical practices to ever grip mankind is the idea to change the sex of their children. This desire has inspired a whole new medical industry where gender dysphoria is used as a reason to promote the mutilation of young bodies. Strangely enough, it’s against the law in many states to drink alcohol before the age of 21 because it’s known that young people are famous for improper judgement. But these days confused young children are encouraged by medical professionals, and sometimes even their parents, to undergo sex change operations that will be a medical burden their entire lives—and very likely cause them psychological trauma as long as they live. What kind of people can promote this?

It’s being decreed by some in our society that certain words must be banned because they have offensive interpretations by some overly sensitive members of society that have crazy imaginations. So a mailman must be called a mailperson. We must say he/she rather than just say he for people generally. Some people insist on being addressed by awkward and meaningless pronouns that match their wild imaginations rather than reality. The result is garbled, nonsensical speech. What kind of people insist on this rather than just speaking traditionally with words that mean what’s said?

Food choices are another issue that baffle many folks. The USDA and food manufacturers are always promoting healthy eating. Yet they (starting with the cereal companies) promote health yet they load their products up on sugar, corn syrup, and carbohydrates. Then there is the relentless war on meat that has no basis in fact. For millions of years of evolutionary history man was the planet’s number one apex predator and ate mostly meat. Yet meat is believed by many to be bad for one’s health and also bad for the planet. The fears about animal fats is based on falsehoods as are the concerns for livestock increasing methane gas in the atmosphere.2 3 4 5 6

The climate will change. It has been changing for billions of years. Compared to today, the earth has been much warmer and much colder. To believe that mankind drives the world’s climate is a stretch. Some people say that California’s drought was caused by man. On the other hand, in the past few months did mankind cause the rivers of rain and the near record snowpack that looks like it will fill California's reservoirs this year? As of now half of the state is no longer classified as being in a drought! Did man do that?

Electric cars may have a legitimate place in our future. But not totally. If the transition from combustion engines to electric motors comes via government decrees history isn’t very reassuring. Government mandates usually cost more than market driven transitions. That’s because government decrees never take into account all the variables that exist in the private sector. Currently, other than in-town driving, electric cars are a novelty. Back in the day when I was involved in mining operations, I certainty wouldn’t drive an electric vehicle into the remote areas of our country. And long-distance-trailering of big loads of livestock across the country would be totally out of the question.

One of the most destructive social movements in any society is for the government to decree equality of outcome. It’s impossible to achieve. It drives all citizens to the bottom rung which is the only level where everyone can be equal.

Racism is continually discussed as if it’s an urgent problem. The continuing complaints are like picking at scabs—the wound never heals. There has been a lot of maturing in race relations in the past 150 years. Now it’s time to press on and forget practices that no longer exist.

The reaction to date for the Jan6 Capitol Building riot is chilling. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people entered the Capitol Building only to sightsee and walk around the building. They were protesting because they thought the 2020 election was stolen. Whether they’re right or wrong is irrelevant because there is no law that says one can’t hold incorrect opinions. Just ask any Democrat. Yet, the Department of Justice weaponized Jan6 to benefit a political class. Scores of people were sent to prison for trespassing—serving sentences that escape most violent criminals and rioters. Constitutional rights were totally trashed! Yes, some protestors got out of hand and were properly arrested, indicted, convicted, and sent to prison? But the reaction to date reeks of prosecutorial overreach and ignores the elephant in the room—which is there’s evidence that government agents actually instigated the riot and we know Nancy Pelosi didn’t provide extra security for a huge crowd. So it may have been provoked by the very people who are prosecuting the protestors.

It seems warmongering is an American pastime. Our country has been messing in the affairs of other nations for nearly its entire history. But more so following WWII than at other times. It was the United States that was instrumental in the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). When that happened the USA said it wouldn’t push NATO to the new Russia’s borders. But, of course that’s what happened. NATO expanded and when Ukraine’s Russia-friendly government was overthrown by the US in 2014, Russia’s red line was finally crossed. It took eight more years, but finally Russia decided to do something about it. Instead of negotiate a compromise, our country’s response is that we want to destroy the Russian government even if that causes a nuclear holocaust. What kind of people are so power mad that they would promote war rather than negotiate peace?

Our Federal government prints and spends money with abandon. For decades, both Democrats and Republicans, have voted for more debt. The revered central bank, the Fed, has a policy where it determined that 2% inflation is honorable. That means the currency’s purchasing power drops in half every 35 years. Debts have reached levels where they are eating the government’s lunch as well as that of its citizens and businesses. Yet the majority of leaders want MOAR of the same. The ones who want to continue this insanity are totally corrupt and power mad. Yet they are voted back in office time and time again.

Our government was structured so that all citizens would retain all of their natural God-given rights. These rights cannot be given by other men which is why God-given rights must be protected from other men. That is how our government was structured. To say that our nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are not based on God’s teachings is absurd. To say that a proper government must be the antithesis of “God fearing” is to invite anarchy or rule under a despotic leader.

I’ll bet you can come up with many more stupid things that folks are believing in these days. There’s no question that unless the sane folks get together and stick up for the right things, they will lose the mob rule contest and our country will crash right off the rails. So, that’s why my little rant here is a release of frustration and a call to arms. Let’s stop the madness.

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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