Column #430       November 24, 2023Capitol Police Shooting Jan6 Protestors

Our government was established with very limited powers. Basically its powers were restricted to establishing federal laws (Congress and Senate), enforcing laws (Supreme Court), and defending the country (presidential powers). The basic idea was that the government was to serve the people by protecting their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Without the rule of law, there’s chaos. In fact, citizens are no longer free if their rights are not preserved by a just legal system. If our government runs rouge, it is no better than any third world dictatorship run by a tyrant. That then begs the question; “Are Americans no longer free since they are being dictated to by rouge, unlawful, deceitful, corrupt government?”

The recent release of 40,000 hours of Jan6 tapes exposed the total lawlessness of our elected Federal government officials, many of the bureaucrats in the Justice system, and most definitely the Capitol Police Force and other police agencies.1

Most of us who follow events were suspicious from the get-go that Federal employees (including Congressmen and Senators) caused a peaceful protest against election irregularities to turn into a riot—a riot that was called an insurrection by irrational liberals. We have also been thinking that the Constitutional rights for a fair and speedy trial were denied the many hundreds of invited visitors to the Capitol on Jan6 who were later hunted down and arrested. It turns out they were.

The 40,000 hours of video taken from security cameras and Capitol police body cam footage may seem like a lot of video to review, but when it’s released into the public domain ever minute of it can be seen by some individual within a few hours! The result has revealed many clips of video that confirm several points we’ve all wondered about these past three years.

The ranks of the protestors were infiltrated by officials working for the government and other subversive liberal groups such as members of BLM. These planted agents did not try to keep the march peaceful.  They actually tried to instigate violence and property destruction. Some were actively involved in fights with police and the destruction of property. Some were actually “arrested” for violent behavior and then quietly released after being led away.

Many hundreds of protestors were invited into the Capitol and actually escorted around like sightseers. Then later many of them were hunted down like terrorists, jailed (often in solitary confinement), tried and convicted, then sentenced to years in jail. Nearly all arrested individuals were treated like vermin and stripped of their Constitutional rights!

To back up my take on Jan6 I’ve provided links to several interesting clips from security cameras and body cams.

A protester is led away in handcuffs by the Capitol police. Out of sight of the other “visitors” his cuffs are removed by one officer as he fist bumps another officer. They exchange pleasantries and then go about their business. See it HERE.

Jan 6 defendants have long argued that at first visitors were peaceably escorted into the building by Capitol Police. Therefore there was no reasonable expectation that their conduct was considered unlawful. This video, suppressed for almost three years, confirms it. See it HERE.

Here is another video of people being escorted into the Capitol.  See it HERE.

Newly released footage of Matthew Perna (seen in a red sweatshirt) shows Matthew walking calmly in the Capitol shooting video. Matthew pled guilty to initial charges, believing he may face 6-12 months in prison. Only after pleading guilty did the DOJ inform Matthew that they would seek a TERRORISM enhancement to his sentencing, which would raise his sentence to a potential nine years in federal prison. Four days after receiving news the DOJ would push for this sentencing enhancement, Matthew went into his garage and hung himself. See it HERE.

As we’ve seen before ad nauseam, there’s other footage available of useful idiots and federal agents engaging in violent melees with the Capitol police. But a much larger percentage of Jan6 defendants have been charged and/or convicted of the non-violent offense of merely walking into the building. See it HERE.

But how were the peaceful protestors converted into a violent mob? New video clips, not shown by the Democrat’s Jan6 staged inquiry, show Capitol police firing rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, and stun grenades into a huge crowd of peaceful protesters before anyone had tried to enter the Capitol building. Quite possibly this triggered the violence that would follow and the videos that played ad nauseam on major news networks as proof of an “insurrection.”

Many have argued that Jan6 was nothing more than a protest that was turned into a riot by police incitement, establishment spin, all under the direct orders from the Speaker of the House. Jan6 protestors were fired upon with NO warning. USCP Chief Waldow said he gave warnings but apparently he didn’t. As you can see from the videos, the mob turned from a peaceful group of protestors into a raging, chanting mob—because of police violence. Watch it all and near the end you’ll see an individual spontaneously summarize what he experienced as it was happening. See it HERE.

Keep in mind that if such police tactics had been used to incite BLM or pro-Palestinian riots there would undoubtedly be 24/7 news coverage of it. These revelations further confirm why Jan6 footage was withheld from the country for so long. It's easy to control the narrative when you have all the evidence under lock and key.

This column is not intended to whitewash the Jan6 events and claim that none of the protestors did anything wrong. Some undoubtedly violated laws and the rules of proper conduct. But for a fact Jan6 was not even close to being an insurrection. Even the kangaroo courts haven’t charged the Jan6 folks with committing an insurrection. It was literally a large group of protestors asking for an investigation into the many voting irregularities that occurred before and during the 2020 election. That is no different from Hillary Clinton, who to this very day, calls Trump an illegitimate president because of Russian collusion.

One must ask why she hasn’t gotten the same treatment as the Jan6 protesters or Trump himself?

There is a very definite two-tiered system of justice in the United States. For raving liberals, government employees, police thugs, and elected officials it’s: “There are laws for thee, but not for me.” Unless this is corrected, the concept of freedom in the United States will disappear as we all become mere subjects of the bureaucrats and “our” elected representatives.

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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1. Release of More Footage Spurs Calls for New Jan. 6 Inquiry by Jack Phillips from The Epoch Times