Column 428     November 10, 2023Scam Alert

By now you know that the biggest scam ever pulled off on mankind was the COVID-19 pandemic. Our government led the way for that scam and its worldwide impact made the combined costs of John Law’s, Charles Ponzi’s, Bernard Madoff’s, Elizabeth Holmes’, Sam Bankman-Fried’s, and all of histories’ other notorious fraudulent financial schemes look like child’s play.1

The costs associated with the response to the pandemic can be measured in the many trillions of dollars. It impacted billions of people. It involved an actual shutdown of a large percentage of world commerce. It set back the educations of hundreds of millions of school-age youngsters. It permanently devastated hundreds of thousands of small businesses. It needlessly terrified many billions of people. It ushered in an era of censorship and forced inoculation with an experimental drug that caused harms instead of immunity.

The experimental vaccines were funded by public money yet they enriched a handful of pharmaceutical companies (BioNTech, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and CanSino Biologics) beyond their wildest dreams. It also enriched government bureaucrats such as Anthony Fauci and his lackeys who wrote phony studies backing up the government’s false claims forbidding the repurposing of existing drugs that actually were effective. They also wrote reports recommending ventilators, masks, shutdowns, distancing, and other practices that did not work. They were phonies!

Interestingly, for years it has been estimated that up to nearly 40% of all prescriptions written are for off-label use. Yet prescribing hydroxychloroquine, tocilizumab, ivermectin, atovaquone, and other safe drugs for COVID-19 was banned to the extent that some doctors lost their licenses to practice medicine for prescribing off label cures for Covid-19 that actually worked!

The government’s dictates also destroyed the credibility of the CDC, NIH, FDA, and other government agencies and enforcers. Not only did the vaccines not provide immunity but ventilators, the MNRA vaccines, and other government-mandated steps actually caused many deaths.

So what has the final analysis given us now? According to Reid G Sheftall, M.D. “Covid would have come and gone without anyone noticing if the government hadn't gotten involved with the idiotic policies some of which were put in place by people who knew better.”


Dr. Sheftall published a commentary on her substack that explained her case in spades. First off, she distinguishes between “died of Covid” and “died with Covid.” At the beginning of the “pandemic,” hospitals were incentivized by the government to report deaths from Covid. Consequently, if a motorcycle driver was killed in a wreck and his corpse tested positive because of a highly sensitive 40-cycle Covid test he would be classified as a Covid victim earning the hospital a monetary reward.2

To sidestep the government’s shenanigans with classifications of deaths, Dr. Sheftall compared the death rates of Sweden during the Covid period with data from before. Her lead-in chart used Sweden as the “control group” for the world. It depicts the monthly average number of deaths per 100,000 populations during 2015‒2019 versus the years 2020 and 2021. The zero line is the average for 2015‒2019. The blue bars are for 2020 and the black bars are for 2021.

Av deaths per 100,000 2015-19 Sweden vs 2020-21

She immediately noticed that in both 2020 and 2021, only about one fourth of the months had deaths per 100,000 higher than the average of 2015 to 2019. That can’t be classified as a pandemic—especially for a country that didn’t shut down. In other words, the people mingled like normal.

When she focused on the worst month, April of 2020, the graph showed that Sweden only experienced 26 excess deaths per one hundred thousand people. “In other words, at the worst time of the pandemic, the deaths per 100,000 people went up only 2.6 hundredths of 1%.” In another measure, by adding up the totals for the six bars above the line and subtracting the 15 bars below the line, she only counted a total of 40 extra deaths in Sweden during the “pandemic.”

By extrapolating Sweden’s number of excess deaths to match America’s population, Dr. Sheftall came up with 132,000 deaths for the U.S. during 2020 and 2021, yet the U.S. had reported that 840,000 deaths were caused by Covid. Of course, part of the greater number can be attributed to Americans being fatter and sicker than people in Sweden.

So, what’s her “actual number” of people to die “from” Covid in the United States during the three years 2020, 2021, and 2022? She came up with total deaths during the three years of Covid-19 at 132,000 + 39,000 = 171,000 “with” and “from” Covid. But that’s reduced when one takes into account the deaths caused by sending contagious patients being treated in the hospital back to nursing homes, the inappropriate use of ventilators, the use of Remdesivir, and dehydration/neglect which is estimated to have caused 30,000 deaths.

This makes her total number of deaths “with” and “from” Covid in the US during roughly three average flu seasons to be 30,000 deaths per year. If those “with” Covid are subtracted, that leaves approximately 60,000 deaths from Covid over the three years. This is about equal to three mild flu seasons averaging 20,000 deaths per year. And guess what, reported deaths from flu during those years was negligible!

As in the pandemic of 1918, most of the deaths in the recent “pandemic” can be attributed to bacterial pneumonia—which can be treated with penicillin. But penicillin didn’t become widely available until 1945 that made the 1918 pandemic quiet deadly.

All in, her concluding paragraph stated:

“Covid would have come and gone without anyone noticing if the government hadn't gotten involved with the idiotic policies some of which were put in place by people who knew better. In addition to this, there were recommendations made which made absolutely no sense and resulted in the deaths of some patients.”

For instance, continuing to get injected with vaccines that were made for strains three or four previous generations or when you've had the disease and recovered, are examples of idiotic policies.

Government’s are dangerous. Just because someone is employed by the government is no reason for any of us to trust their judgement. We must use our common sense and critical thinking abilities to take care of ourselves. Giving government employees and dictatorial leaders control over our health and lives is totally nuts. Only stupid people do that and, when they do, they become useful idiots.

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

For additional reading:

1. Eight of the Most Notorious Ponzi Schemes in US History by Breeanna Hare and Marika Gerken from CNN

2. How Many People Died in the US during 2020, 2021 and 2022 because of (="From") Covid? by Reid G Sheftall, M.D. from Her Substack