Q: Are your Omega-3 Poultry and Omega-3 Pork fed GMO corn and soy?

A: They are not fed corn and soy.  Corn and soy are horrible feeds no matter GMO or not.

We do not disclose the ingredients of our proprietary feeds that make our chickens and pigs the healthiest meats of their kind in the USA.  But none of the feeds are GMO that we're aware of although it's possible some could be someday.  But even if they are now or could be in the future, that is not a material concern for health when compared with inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids and/or mycotoxin contamination.

In the past year or so we have been getting this GMO question all the time.  It's a highly popular flashpoint that "everyone" seems to be alarmed over.  That's pretty amazing to me because in terms of food chemistry, genes of all types are in no way harmful no matter how you dice them.  Genes are found on chromosomes and are made up of nucleic acid (deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] for most organisms) and proteins.  The elements in all genes are basic to life itself.


Deoxyribonucleic acid is a compound of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus.  Proteins are protein.  Therefore when animals eat genes (same with people) their digestive systems break the genes down into basic elements just like they do all the genes that are in all the foods people or animals eat.  That is why trillions of animals and billions of people have eaten GMO without any issues.  (The popular concerns people talk about regarding GMO mostly come from the fertile imaginations of scaremongers with agendas.)

There are still millions of people suffering from imbalances in their Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) meaning their bodies are loaded with inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids.  This is today's BIG health issue.  It is not speculation or imagination.  It's real.  That's the reason for our Omega-3 chicken and Omega-3 pork.  Oddly enough, most folks ignore the basic problems of meaningful food chemistry and by doing so eat plenty of organic foods that cause diseases.  I see it happening all the time.

I keep trying to point out to people that organic has absolutely no meaning in nutrition and food safety.  It is strictly a belief system that lures everyone into a false sense of security.  It's the fundamental chemistry of foods that man shouldn't eat that makes him sick.  In addition, most harmful contaminants in food are organic and as natural as rain.  But that unequivocal fact is ignored.

Our chicken meat is the healthiest chicken meat on the planet.  Back when we had pastured chicken I told everyone to eat it sparingly because of it's poor EFA ratio.  Oddly enough, during 15 years of selling pastured chicken I don't remember anyone asking me if the feed was GMO or not.  Now for the first time ever I can tell people to eat our Omega-3 chicken all they want and the first question many ask is about GMO!!!  I guess being anti-GMO is all the rage these days.

My website has page after page of info on GMO and organic and even some on phytoestrogens in a wide variety of plant-based foods and their impact on animals that eat them.  Do some searches on my site because there is far more info than those two links.  It's really unfortunate but the public in general knows absolutely nothing about modern genetics because they read this guy's book.  BTW, because I provide real science-based answers on my website about food and myths, I get plenty of hate mail.  The loathing against real science in support of political correctness in food is really amazing.  It is so vitriol that it makes me very uncomfortable when telling people the truth about peer-reviewed scientific facts.

Ted Slanker