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Our website is extensive and multi-layered and we hope you will be able to find the resources here that you seek.

Meat prices, ordering, shipping, and customer discount information are located in the Meat Store.  The meat store is designed to make your shopping experience pleasant.

We have an extensive library of information in the Education section.  It includes excellent explanations of peer-reviewed nutritional science articles that underscores the importance of fatty acids and their impact on the function of every cell in our bodies.  There are numerous research studies in Science Links that prove real foods always trump concocted foods for optimizing one's health.  There are Slanker essays describing exactly what are the foundational fundamental foods for supporting all animal life and how it all relates to man's dietary requirements for optimal health and wellbeing.  In addition there are many articles dealing with fungi and mycotoxins.  Everyone seems to miss the boat when it comes to fungi and mycotoxins.  You will find many new concepts that shatter many popular myths touted by the politically-correct nutrition crowd.  And, of course, there is a link of recommended books.

The website also provides a serious cooking section with cooking tips and delicious recipes that reflect Ted and Linda Slanker's contemporary caveman cuisine approach based on "The Real Diet of Man." 

There is a News/Blog section as well as the FAQs.  The site hosts a powerful search engine that makes finding products and answers to serious questions a real delight.

We encourage you to sign up for our award-winning newsletter.  But be forewarned that the content is controversial at times.  Our constant and unwavering signoff at the end of each newsletter is "Here's to Healthy Days for You and Yours.  It's your choice to make."