Our Meats are Grass-Fed

Our Meats are Grass-Fed

When you buy natural grass-fed beef, insist that it be grass-fed, not just natural.  Just because a label states the beef is "free range," "natural," "organic," "lean," "heart friendly", "select," "choice," or "prime," that doesn't mean it's grass-fed unless it states specifically that it is grass-fed.  For instance, the U.S. Department of Agriculture considers grain-fed beef to be a "natural" beef product.  So don't think for a minute that when you buy "lean", "heart-healthy", "organic", "free-range", or "natural" meat that you are automatically getting grass-fed meat.  In most cases "nice sounding" meat products (and we are talking buffalo too!) are grain-fed, grain-supplemented, and/or grain-finished.  In the same vein, some producers think that if their cattle are on pasture and are fed "only a little" grain as a "supplementation," they still qualify for the grass-fed label.  Not so in our book although the USDA's rule book is a little more lenient.  The same goes for all other livestock food products.

The very idea that grass-fed beef is a good eating experience and a healthier eating experience is rather new to "modern" Americans who know only of grain-fed meats.  So a lot of work will be needed over the next few decades to reeducate the American consumer about proper nutrition and what is and what is not good wholesome food.  But educating the public is only half of the problem.  Just like nearly all mothers today who feed grain to their children without even thinking, most of the nation's livestock producers in North American do not have a clue about raising critters solely on grass.  They actually believe they must feed grain for their livestock to grow and to carry them through the winter or to finish them prior to slaughter.  Those beliefs can change but it will take years to accomplish by health-conscious, educated consumers who vote with their dollars.

All Slanker Grass-Fed and Omega-3 Meats are Beyond Organic which means all natural, no sugar, no added hormones, not fed antibiotics, no corn, no soy, non-GMO, gluten free, high Omega-3, free range, cage free, and humanely raised.

What actually makes our meats the healthiest meats in the world and sets them apart from all others is that they are zero glycemic, nutrient dense and diverse, with healthy balances of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids.

These last three points impact health and disease way more than all other labels. It's the actual chemistry of our meats that makes them so healthy. Read our eBook, The Real Diet of Man for a fuller understanding of food chemistry and the chemicals that cause chronic disease.