Are the Paleo Treats I read about good for you?

Q:  There are many website offering Paleo Treats, Cookies, etc.  It looks like their ingredients fit in my caveman diet and I was wondering what Ted thinks about these sites?

A:  To determine if any processed food actually fits The Real Diet of Man, you must analyze the ingredients.  For instance here are the ingredients from one advertised product:  "Honey, pecans, eggs, coconut oil, cacao powder, almond flour.  That is it, and that is all."

Now go to my Food Analysis webpage.

Read the summary about the ABCs.  Now look up each ingredient above and see if any of them fit all three of the ABCs.  The answer is:  not even one ingredient qualifies as a food for man in that particular processed product.  If you eat that stuff why bother with changing from all the regular crap and paying more money?  Your results from eating Paleo crap will be the same as everyone else eating the regular crap since these "Paleo foods" do not offer any real change in the nutrient stream of the regular junk.  These so-called Paleo processed foods provide high glycemic, nutritionally deficient, and highly skewed fat profiles which classifies them as garbage -- not food.

I hope that helps.  There are many people who use the Paleo label incorrectly because they are ignorant and/or crooks.  The label does not determine the nutritional qualities of a processed food product.  The chemical composition of the ingredients determines the nutritional quality.