Four Thumbs Up for Flavor

“Thank you for the fabulous meat we are enjoying it so much and boy!!  Does it take me back to my childhood in Nebraska.  You just can't get real beef in a store anymore.  Thank you again and we will order again.  Oh I almost forgot to tell you our dogs devoured the first bones we gave them in one night.  I think they liked them :)”

Trish M., Maricopa, Arizona.

“We are enjoying our ground beef soooooooooo much!  The hamburger is really delicious and ‘clean’ tasting.  So far, I’ve made stuffed peppers, meat loaf, and patties--all very, very good!”

Jo J., Wichita Falls, Texas.

“The texture, flavor, and juiciness of the ground beef is far superior to anything you can buy in a grocery store.  It cooks so clean on our George Foreman grill we can clean it up with a paper towel!  The nutritional qualities of grass-fed beef are important to us because my husband had a heart attack.”

Mrs. H., Springdale, Arkansas.

"I just made my first recipe of empanadas with your ground beef and I have to say it was awesome!!!  I will never go back to regular hamburger meat again.  My next order will be to try your roasts.  Thanks for the wonderful product!  God Bless."

Nikkiin, Wisconsin.