I Got the Coals Glowing Nice and Red

"I received my first Slanker Order on Friday and for the first time in months due to our long winter, fired up the grill for some NY Strips.  I got the coals glowing nice and red and let them burn down a bit so it would allow the meat to cook slow as instructed.  Nothing but a little salt and pepper for taste.  My wife and I sat down and we really enjoyed the look of the steak, its natural flavor, and the texture.  It is quite surprising how different the aroma, taste, and texture is from store-bought, grain-fed beef.  Very pleasing.

"The next day, I started cooking a stew about noon with the stew meat, garlic, potatoes, carrots, onions, some roasted chili peppers, and a bit of seasoning--cumin, red chile, salt and pepper.  After cooking a bit, I added a can of tomato sauce and then just let it cook real slow all day.  Fantastic!  The meat was fork tender and had a wonderful flavor that blended with the sauce, vegetables, and cold beer.

"I am very pleased with your product and looking forward to inviting the neighbors over for a little taste."

Gregor M., Pittsburgh, PA.