I Had Ulcerative Colitis

Your call for folks to contact you after having had a monumental change in their diet includes myself.  I believe you were referring to the diet change with regards to autism.  My experience is not with autism but with Ulcerative Colitis.

I'm not sure if you remember, but the very reason I became one of your customers was because I was suffering from this chronic disease.  The importance of change was really brought home to me when my doctor told me I only had a couple months to live unless I had a physically and emotionally devastating operation.  The operation, which would remove most of my colon, was not really a cure.  It would just allow me to live longer while carrying a "sack" for my remaining days.  As you know, instead of having the operation, the very day I received the bad news I did an Internet search and learned that it was most likely the foods I ate that was the problem.  Therefore, in desperation I immediately started to change my diet.  Today my diet is nothing like it was back in the "good old days."

While the food industry (and I include food supplements, more on this later) is not allowed to state that nutrition will CURE people, I can say that I am cured.  I can say this with impunity as I am not trying to sell anything.  I am CURED !!!  Such a simple statement, so much weight.  When I tried to tell the Crohn's and Colitis foundation, they did not want to hear it.  "You're in remission, and the problem will recur."  Well obviously they are either totally ignorant - which is your position (with which I agree), or in absolute denial, which is my position.

If I was the only person cured from this nasty disease, it may be considered a random condition - not readily explained by diet.  I personally know of 10 people who have been CURED.  I also know of a few others who cling to their paradigms (as you point out) and while they have made the halfhearted attempt at changing their diet, once the immediate symptoms subside, they go right back to their old ways, and wouldn't you know it, the symptoms return.  Now, these folks have flat out admitted to me, that they know it's their diet.  They have told me that they would rather hover in this terrible chronic state of inflamed bowels, just to be able to continue to eat the grains they so dearly love.  Amazing - they have the personal evidence, yet lack the will to cure themselves.  This is absolutely mind-boggling.

With regards to the all or nothing approach - that is somewhat severe for most folks - me included.  I have my weaknesses, and from time to time do eat food in restaurants, but I make the attempt to ensure the fish is wild, not farm fish.  I have cut out any restaurant that does not know where their fish originates.  Not quite so easy with beef, so occasionally, I will eat a steak in a restaurant that I know is grain fed.  I will NOT eat the chicken.  So my health is greatly improved from where I was when I had Colitis.  In order to counter the effects of the grain-fed foods that I occasionally come into contact with, I supplement those foods with wild caught fish oil, super green foods and also populate my gut with the live cultures so necessary for good health.  Simply put, on those few occasions when I indulge in foods high in Omega-6, I counter that with high Omega-3 foods.  Is this ideal - no, but I am able to stick to a healthy diet for 95% of the time, and every so often, I enjoy some of the delights that are bad for the body.  Surely, you can see that constant denial for the majority of the population will lead to dietary failure.  The counter measures to this failure is to further indulge in forbidden "foods," making the problem ever worse.

I do understand that sometimes, the 5% becomes 6% and then 7, 8, 9 until the whole diet is back to where it started, but with the additional feeling of failure.  I liken this to social alcohol drinking.  The majority of folks will not spiral into alcoholism, thus the behavioral pattern can be checked for most.  The unlucky few need help.  I understand your point though, in that folks won't even admit that there is a diet problem.  Thus without taking the first step of acknowledgment, the journey cannot begin.

Well, that's my two cents.  Thanks for being there for me to provide the meats and the guidance I so needed to be cured and continue to improve my health, even with the occasional indulgence.

Regards, Steve Jones


If you would like to communicate with Steve Jones send an email request to Slanker Grass-Fed Meat and we will forward your email to him. He is one man who laughs a lot these days and he has every right to be so happy. Ted Slanker