Q:  I am looking for "heritage," "organic," "grass fed" beef and chicken.  Is that what you sell?

A:  First of all, keep in mind that I am a nutritional fanatic.  But that doesn't mean I subscribe to voodoo science, the latest scares going around, or myths.  I learned about what is and is not proper nutrition by studying peer-reviewed science.  It got me into the grass-fed meat business.  It was the peer-reviewed science that got me to start eating like a cavemen in 1999.  Over the years I have advanced my knowledge about proper nutrition considerably.  I have studied all aspects of nutrition, food production, and food and continue to ask questions and get answers.  In addition I have my own story to tell about improving my health that unequivocally underscores the fact that The Real Diet of Man works.  So it is with that background that I answer all questions.  It's from experience.

We are way beyond organic.  For a fact organic is rather meaningless when it comes to food safety and nutrition.  It is primarily based on the concept that anything chemical touched by man is bad yet the same chemical (or other chemicals) in natural form are good.  Obviously that approach is based on mythology especially when you consider that all plants produce pesticides.

The truth is -- most food borne illnesses are sourced to 100% organic things such as viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi.  Some of the deadliest toxins on earth are 100% organic -- think botulism for only one instance.  The majority of toxins that plague all Americans are mycotoxins and they are 100% organic sourced.  And organic food products, such as organic grain, are just as destructive to the human body as are conventionally raised grains and grain-based food products, and so on.

As for heritage critters, that in itself means nothing when it comes to nutrition.  It refers to old breeds of critters (bred to be the old breeds they are by man hundreds of years ago) that have been replaced by newer "blood lines" of the same critters that have been bred by man in more recent times.  Usually the heritage breeds are less efficient for numerous reasons.  The nutritional characteristics of any animal we eat is totally dependent on what the animal eats and nothing else.  (Of course that refers to a healthy animal.)  As for critters selectively bred by man, well that is the same thing Mother Nature does.  For instance deer from different regions of the nation, even though of the same breed, differ in some ways in order to adapt to their local environment.

You will not find grass-fed meat chickens anywhere.  Nearly all meat chickens are raised in what is called a "pastured" environment and they are called "pastured chickens."  That is explained in detail here.

Grass-fed, if the producer of the critters actually understands what that means and actually raises 100% grass-fed critters, is very meaningful in terms of nutrition for not only the animal but the person who eats it.  My Website is loaded with information on the actual nutritional benefits of eating like, what I refer to, as a caveman.  Please check out these Website pages:  Science Links, Omega-3 Essays, and Food Analysis.

If you are focused on eating foods that are nutritionally perfect and in getting the straight scoop on what you are eating, you've come to the right place.  If you are interested in mostly following popular fads (which is what I call the many beliefs reinforced by certain folks and the media who really do not understand the sound science behind livestock and nutrition), then you are not at the right place.  I do want new business, but I want my customers to be buying from us for the right reasons, not for beliefs that will not hold up over time as the general population learns the truth about food and food production.  Today, there are many very popular Websites that rely on scare tactics, mumbo jumbo, and feel good rhetoric that is preposterously off base and in some cases outright distortions of the truth.  We refuse to stoop to those kinds of low-life deceptive tactics to get a sale.  We tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

Thank you for asking a very good question.