No Schmooze, Just the Truth

Thank you!  I have suffered the schmooze effect, but got informed and restored my health.  Thanks for your newsletter.  I love straight forward truth companies.

Thank you,  Vicki


Now for Ted Slanker's Commentary . . .

A comment like this probably has a lot of folks new to our website and newsletters scratching their heads.  Vicki is referring to the false, feel-good rhetoric that permeates so many of the popular blogs, books, talks, and such regarding nutrition, animal husbandry, what is and is not proper food, biology, food safety and the list is nearly endless.  The schmooze she refers to falsely implies that proper nutrition and food safety comes from such things as organic, small business, "properly raised," vegetable fed, no hormones, and the scores of phrases and words that scare people into ignoring science and into believing myths.  Criticism of these popular phrases may sound blasphemous, but if one studies the real facts behind the Pied Piper's tunes, they will understand perfectly what Vicki means by her comment.  Her comment made us very proud of our efforts.  We thank her.  She made our day.