Returning Customer

Hey Ted and everyone involved, thanks for the great beef!!  Your service and shipping were no less than stellar.  I bought some a few years back and totally loved it but for one reason or another I failed to order anymore, simply eating that crap from Walmart.  I got fed-up with all of this GMO, Cloned, and God knows what else is being foisted upon us and I decided I'm not going to participate.  I wanted to send you this e-mail to say that upon receiving the meat last Friday I immediately had a burger for dinner.

It triggered something in my body/mind that kept telling me to have some more of it and so far I've downed about three pounds.  My entire body seemed obsessed with "having another burger."  That's all I've had for three days now.  I actually feel different, and I don't believe I'm imagining things.

For the past 15 years or so I've always enjoyed a short nap in the afternoon whenever I got the chance but I haven't felt like I needed one the past couple of days.

I think next on the menu is Chili, Meatloaf, Tacos and Pot Roast.  I'm going to try not to do them all on the same day.  I also felt compelled to give a pound of the ground beef to a few friends to check out.  I doubt they've ever had any meat this good, they're very handy small pouches to give away.  At the rate I'm going it looks like I'll probably be ordering again before I though.

I'm in Natchitoches, LA about 4 hours from your ranch and if I ever get up your way I'd sure like to stop by and meet you and your cows.

I know it's corny but I have to say it.....Head'em up, Move'em out!

Thanks again for the good chow.

John C. in LA, August 24, 2010.