Statement from a Participant in the Nutritional Profession

I have been eating grass-fed meat for 10 years now.  This is really very simple.  Cows were meant to eat grass and not grains.  I work for a Doctor in the nutrition industry and our whole company, when referring to grain fed meat, calls them "barf burgers."   Picture if you were an alien and you came down to eat earthlings.  Would you go for the guy who eats McDonald's everyday, or would you go for the earthling who has eaten a plant based, grass-fed meat, all natural diet?  This is the same comparison to cows eating grain versus plants.  I think the answer is easy.  Just the Omega-3 fat content alone in the grass-fed meat being higher is worth the switch from grain fed.  The average person 100 years ago had a 3 : 1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3.  Now it is 20 : 1.  To top that off some people hardly have measurable levels of Omega-3 in the bloodstream.  I also agree with Slanker's stance on no grains or breads.  Man was meant to eat nuts, vegetables and grass fed meat.