Wayne "Crossed over the Bridge" to Real Food

I am well into my third order of Slanker's grass-fed beef, and I wanted to tell you that not only am I enjoying the great taste of all of the cuts and ground beef, but I have never felt better in my entire life!

I think I have read just about every word on your web site, and I have just about completely cut out grain based and concocted foods from my diet.  Lots of little aches and pains have disappeared, and I have much more energy and a better outlook on life!

Add to this all the fun and enjoyment I have gotten from preparing real foods on the grill and in the oven, and you come up with the fact that I am having the time of my life!

I have you folks to thank for changing my life.  I look forward to talking to you again soon and placing my next order!

With sincere thanks;

Wayne S. in Pennsylvania.  September 13, 2005