Why Don't You Promote Coconut Oil

Q:  I was surprised to find out that in your Best and Worst Foods essay you say coconut oil is bad for the body.  Also, many health oriented web sites say Canola oil is poison and coconut oil is good.  Please check this out.  By the way, I am going to try your beef and pass your site on to my family who wants a good pork product.

A:  I have studied the oils and have determined from the findings of reputable nutritional scientists that there are many misunderstandings regarding both oils.  I've also read many of the sites supporting coconut oil.  For starters, the fatty acid profile of coconut oil is worse than GRAIN-fed beef!  A one-ounce serving of coconut oil has about the same net quantity of Omega-6 over Omega-3 as does a three-ounce serving of grain-fed beef.  (Coconut oil contains no Omega-3 Fatty acids, just Omega-6 fatty acids.)

The scary claims about Canola oil being toxic are fabrications and false.

Yes, coconut oil has some positive antifungal properties.  And yes, coconut oil has far less omega-6 fats than nearly all other oils.  Therefore it is better than most oils in that respect.  I have used it, but sparingly.

In my opinion a better oil for cooking is macadamia nut oil, which we sell.  Far and away the best salad oils are Flax Seed oil and/or Fish oils.  I do not use Canola oil because it is a heavy dose of Omega-6 fatty acids.  Usually for cooking I much prefer rendered grass-fed animal fats.