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The Slanker Ranch Meat Store has an extensive offering of Grass-Fed Meat (Beef,Buffalo, Lamb, Goat), Omega-3 Poultry and Omega-3 Pork, Grass-Fed Pet Food, Wild-Caught Seafood,and Grass-Fed Dairy. All products are beyond organic. SGFM is the nation's only meat store that offers Omega-3 poultry and pork. Shipping is FREE.


Knowledge is power which is why there is no compromise for myths and fear mongering on this site. We provide very straight-forward information in The Real Diet of Man, our serious nutrition-oriented newsletter , and extensive presentation of nutritional science and commentary throughout the site.


This is of utmost importance. The vast majority of people who are relatively new to grass-fed meats do not cook them properly. Overcooking grass-fed meats (even just a little) can turn the finest steak into shoe leather.

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What Our Customers Say

I'm Dale H. and family from Ballwin, Mo. with an update on how I like your meat so far. I have prepared some of the following so far: ground beef, chuck steak, skirt steak, sirloin, and the brisket. I still have most of the skirt, sirloin, chuck, and burger left.

Dale H.

I've said it before during thanksgiving but I'll say it again.... god bless you, Ted! thanks for all you do for the community; you care. and your long time and loyal buyers will never disappear!


I am very pleased with your product and looking forward to inviting the neighbors over for a little taste.

Gregor M.

I have been eating grass-fed meat for 10 years now. This is really very simple. Cows were meant to eat grass and not grains. I work for a Doctor in the nutrition industry and our whole company, when referring to grain fed meat, calls them "barf burgers.


Thank you! I have suffered the schmooze effect, but got informed and restored my health. Thanks for your newsletter. I love straight forward truth companies.


OMG...it was the best steak ever. Reminded me of the chickens we used to raise when I was a kid, a completely different animal from store bought meat. With the knowledge I gained from Culinary school and finding out about your meats, I believe I will be able to cook with pride again. You have gained a customer in me and I will be recommending your food to everyone I know. Thank you again.


Thank you for the work you do and the food you provide. I've been a customer for years now and we not only benefit health-wise from your meats, but we enjoy the taste and texture much more than the grain-fed stuff.

Brenda H.

Mr Slanker: I've spent the past several days reading through your website, and I'm astonished at the wealth of scientific information on it ! I'm obsessive about finding high-quality, nutritious foods, and the overwhelming majority of nutritive food businesses that I encounter seem to regurgitate unscientific, erroneous, and poorly-researched nutritional tropes, while spending their entire budget on slick marketing (and none on research and product quality). It's so rare to see a businessman in the food industry (or any industry really) that has such passion, knowledge, meticulousness, and integrity towards providing their customers with cost-effective, high-quality products. Thank you for respecting these animals and thank you for the shining example that you set! Thank you, Slanker Grass-Fed Meat!

Scott Hansen

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