Many Americans are off the deep end in many ways.   Compared to bygone times morals, family values, health, nutrition, social and political values, education in the three "Rs" and science and history, fundamental wisdom, and the finances of too many citizens have deteriorated.  As a consequence for too many people their quality of life is not the same as it once was.

The SGFM web site addresses our nation's nutritional deficiency epidemic that was caused by a desire for cheap, mass-produced, convenient food products.  As a result, Americans live in a land of plenty, but the bounty no longer provides proper nutrition.

Somewhat the same thing can be said about our nation's finances.  Many people believe America is the richest nation on earth.  But is it?  Could it be that Americans have fooled themselves?  Have we literally spent ourselves rich with consumptive debt and soon the piper must be paid?  For instance, maybe you should check and see if the national debt was being paid off when our leaders claimed that's what they were doing.   Check and see.

One hundred years ago America's small farms produced nutritious food.  There was a lot of vegetables, some fruit, a little grain for bread and pastries, and a wide variety of products from livestock raised on grass.  That's when doctor's made house calls.

One hundred years ago the dollar was backed by gold!  It's purchasing power hadn't changed from what it was in 1814.

Today, production agriculture produces nutritionally deficient grain-based foods. Sure, it's cheap and convenient but health and healthcare costs are Americans' number one concern.

The Federal Reserve Bank was created in December 1913.  In 1934 our government confiscated our gold and made the dollar irredeemable.  As a result, from 1914 to 2012 the dollar lost 96% of its purchasing power.  Yet our nation's leaders tell us "inflation is under control."

This is must reading for every American:  Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan