Recommended Books


Naturally the books listed in Recommended Books have been selected because they are worth reading. They are written for the layman and they certainly help in developing the nutritional big picture.

Unquestionably, Grass-Fed and Omega-3 meats of all kinds are your best food source for perfectly balanced essential fatty acids and all other nutrients. As for the nutritionally focused scientific reports and books, most of them do a great job of pointing out the unhealthy consequences of Omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies. But what is really frustrating to those of us in agriculture is that the researchers seem to be clueless about meats and even which foods and oils are fit to eat. More alarmingly most of them fixate on supplementation rather than eating naturally. So the books listed below make good reads for the most part, but for a list of the very best foods to eat for naturally optimizing ones health and well-being perfectly without any supplementation, there are excellent Food Tables in our eBook: The Real Diet of Man.