Genetic Engineering


There is a general loathing for GMO that may be going beyond the rational.  This problem arises when most of the more popular critics of the very complex science of genetics are mere novices in the field of genetics.  Some of them are apparently using the fear they generate to promote their own agendas and nothing else.  The general public knows so little about genetics it cannot properly evaluate the critics.  So herein lies a problem.

When one follows The Real Diet of Man, the prospects for eating traces of whatever GMO one fears in the grass-fed meats and green leafy vegetables is next to zero if not zero.  There is no other combination of foods that can make that claim.  In addition, to date, even though billions of people and trillions of animals have eaten GMO foods, the Center for Disease Control has not yet recorded one case where there was a problem.  But the CDC has recorded billions of cases of chronic disease that we know are caused by eating foods that are not in The Real Diet of Man.  Therefore one can assume that the very fundamental chemical properties of corn, for instance, is far and away more significant to impairing the health of humans than any strain of GMO plants.

The focus on any particular food being simply organic and/or nonGMO takes consumers' eyes off the ball.  It leads them to believe those factors, which are not measurable in terms of human health statistics, are far more important than the actual foods consumed.  Even if they are important, the negatives are so insignificant relative to the known damage caused by improper foods, that until people change to The Real Diet of Man no one will be able to detect their impact.

This approach is what is called going beyond organic.  Our food products are not an issue in this debate.  But just the same, it is best if people focus on the overall chemistry of foods rather than small individual aspects.  In other words, every food (even sugar) can be embellished with certain positive attributes.  But the overall impact is what's important.  Many fruits are extolled as being super foods, yet they are dangerously high glycemic.  Many nuts are recommended as substitutes for grain or quick energy, yet they are sources for heavy doses of inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids.  Some popular vegetables are not nutrient dense, are high glycemic, and have skewed fatty acid profiles.  This is why we provide a Food Analysis section in our website.

So, rather than being stampeded into running down a science where the verdict may not yet be in and one in which our foods are not involved in the first place, we want to underscore the importance of evaluating the chemistry of foods themselves.  The fundamental weight of elements and compounds in the food one eats has a HUGE impact on their health whereby the many possible contaminants are mostly benign in comparison.  In this section are very reputable reports and articles that provide balance in the GMO debate.  If GMO is still a major concern for you, then limit your foods to our grass-fed meats and selected vegetables as suggested in The Real Diet of Man.