Understanding and implementing the actual requirements for optimizing your health is not just a flip-a-switch thing.  Sure, some folks can do it.  But they are a minority.  Most folks need coaching to make the required changes in their lifestyles that make a difference in their health.  For this reason Slanker Grass Fed Meat has teamed up with Erin Finch.

Erin is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College and fitness coach who understands The Real Diet of Man.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in health from Texas A&M University and is a NASM certified personal trainer.  In that capacity she can provide the human bridge to understanding and implementing the requirements for optimizing health and well-being.  She can even help those who have food addictions and/or battle depression which inhibits change.  Here is Erin in her own words.

When we choose to eat unprocessed foods with the proper balance of nutrients, it becomes fuel that gives us energy to live, to breathe, and to enjoy life to the full.  Who doesn’t want that?  I really don't think people understand how good their bodies were designed to feel.  Sickness is more of the norm these days.

Through experimentation, I have learned to understand what foods my specific body and metabolic type requires.  And guess what?  I eat WAY more than I used to and it has not effected my weight. That is the biggest win to me!  Who doesn’t want to eat more food?

In my own case I have reduced inflammation in my body, acne, brain fog, and constant bloating.  I have improved my energy, mental clarity, lost weight and greatly reduced illness by improving my immune system.  As an athlete I also have seen much improvement in my recovery time.  My soreness does not last as long.

My passion and desire is to educate and help others, like you, figure out their unique path to total wellness through food.  In the fast-paced society we live in today we have a major problem of being overfed and undernourished.  Our bodies cannot function properly when we are not fueling it with proper nutrition.  A holistic approach to nutrition considers how a proper diet can help each individual reach a level of optimum nutrition and seeks to address any health issues or illnesses present at the time.  A holistic approach also embraces the fact that there is no one size fits all when it comes to proper nourishment.  Mostly because of what we have eaten in the past, we are each unique in how we metabolize and digest food.  Most folks are not coming from a state of optimal health.  A holistic approach therefore addresses the individual as a whole and not simply its parts.  It considers not only one’s nutrition but also physical, mental and emotional well-being as these all play a vital role in overall health and vitality.

If you desire to attain optimal health, I can lead you on this journey.  If you walk with me on this journey, you will gain a better understanding of how food has the potential to be the best medicine.  You will also discover what foods best nourish your specific body and metabolic type through all seasons of life.  This approach is not designed to be a quick fix but rather a lifelong journey of self discovery and a growing appreciation of food and its natural healing qualities.”

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