Strength and a good looking physic should not come at the cost of good health.  But all too often that is the case.  In order to compensate for the damaging impact the grain-based food system has on body function, many athletes are deep into food measuring, pills, and supplements.  They are also into lots of exercise rather than quality of exercise.  In effect, they are following Frankenstein's lead in an attempt to create the perfect body.  They just do not understand that it's far simpler to eat like a caveman and live like one.

In the fitness community, too often the approach to nutrition is misunderstood and the "official" dietary recommendations reflect modern-day common knowledge where the mob struggles to achieve real health in the grain-based-food world.  Consequently, many athletes are totally "lost."

There is no question that grass-fed meats are the "perfect" food for athletes and individuals who want to develop the full potential of their bodies while promoting their long-term health.  That is not a frivolous boast, it's a fact!  Of course, grass-fed meats are not the only food for man.  For a terrific analysis of data on various food stuffs look at Food Analysis:  GI, GL, Fat Ratio, and Inflammation.

Like most carnivores, humans have relatively small stomachs.  This is one reason why meat is so important in their diet.  Man needs dense, highly nutritious foods, especially when he's involved in physical labor.  Grass-fed meats not only offer dense nutrient packages, but they are the most complete food for nutrient diversity.  In other words, by eating animals that lived in a green-plant-based world one gains the most perfectly balanced nutrient profile available on the planet earth.

There are two major educational resources on our Web site that explain the fundamentals of what real nutrition is all about.  They are Science Links and  Omega-3 Essays .  Do not miss them.

The bottom line is this.  If you want to optimize your fitness and health to the fullest, the time to change to real food is now.  Check out our many grass-fed meat offerings.  You'll discover that by simplifying your meals, cutting out pills, other supplements, food measurements and allocations, and utilizing high intensity workouts you can lower your overall food bill and greatly improve your fitness and health -- and in return improve your body function across the board.

Ted Slanker
Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats

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