"I am a huge fan of The Real Diet of Man; eating this way has completely changed my life!" Nancy in Ohio

There is no better "diet" for losing weight, building the immune system, gaining strength, and for improving and maintaining health than The Real Diet of Man.  That is an absolute, unequivocal scientific fact.  It works for everyone and all they have to do is eat!  If you are overweight and dine only on foods that replicate the nutritional profile man had prior to the invention of grain farming, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.  Interestingly, many other chronic diseases are also arrested and in some cases eliminated with The Real Diet of Man And, if you are in competitive sports, The Real Diet of Man will increase your strength and stamina.  It only makes sense if you think about it!  So download your copy of The Real Diet of Man and read on.

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Since you must be a curious sort of person, you must wonder sometimes why it is the modern world's food supply fails to supply Omega-3 fatty acids and other critical nutrients?  At one time it did because for millions of years no one took vitamins and Omega-3 supplements yet our bodies demand those nutrients and more!  Obviously, many modern foods do not provide the nutrients required for proper body function.  So why is that?  Does the fault lie with infertile soils?  Is it pollution?  Is it agricultural chemicals?  Is it because of Big Business?  Or is it the fault of modern concocted foods (which are now traditional foods) and the food choices individuals make?  The answer will surprise you.

Nutritional scientists always knew human bodies required a very finite balance of nutrients or body failure (both mental and physical) was a consequence. But the list really started growing from about the 1960s going forward.  That was when they started figuring out that traditional modern foods are a huge problem and even a diversified diet of modern foods will not work.  The problem is really huge today because most of our nation's food supply is based on what I call "invented foods"!  Only "real foods" supply the perfect balance of required nutrients and the food analysis tables in this book provides "you the answers on a silver platter" as to what is and is not real food--and why.  Amazingly, REAL FOOD is readily available everywhere and all bodies always respond positively to The Real Diet of Man.  Therefore the choice for optimal health is yours.  Welcome to our healthy world.

The basic tenets of The Real Diet of Man are simply that all foods required for optimizing body and brain function must cover three critically important "A, B, C" parameters or else don't eat them.

  • A.  Eat low glycemic foods.  High glycemic foods are foreign to body function and cause fungal issues that negatively impact the body.
  • B.  Eat foods that are low in Omega-6s and high in Omega-3s, seeking a 1:1 ratio.  This 1:1 balance between Omega-6s and Omega-3s is critical for a strong immune system.
  • C.  Eat nutrient dense foods, especially those that provide 100% of the nutrients needed for optimal body function.  Why eat foods that do not significantly contribute to the needs of the body?
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