Grass-Fed Beef, the "fish of the land," can state, unconditionally, that it is:  “A Natural Source of Omega-3.”  In addition, and most importantly, grass-fed meats of all kinds are the most nutritionally perfect food for man.  In other words, nutritionally speaking they are the standard by which we should measure all the foods we eat.  Why, because the foundation food for all animal life is the green leaf.

Grain-fed beef cannot make that claim.

Grass-Fed Beef, the

Starkist is obviously paying attention to what has been going on in nutritional research since the late 1970s.  They must also understand that proper fatty acid profiles are not only important for human health, but promoting Omega-3s is a great marketing opportunity to increase sales.

Opportunity, better health, and clean meat are knocking with Grass-Fed Beef!

We have numerous essays in the Omega-3 Essay section of our Web Page that explain why there is a direct nutritional relationship between wild fish and grass-fed livestock.

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Grass-Fed Beef, It's What's Best for Dinner!

Grassfed is best!