This was a winner and one way we plan to enjoy "gourmet" burgers in the future!

Grilled Kale Burgers 3

              Grilled Kale Burgers


1 pound 78% lean ground beef

1 c. fresh kale, chopped into small pieces

1/3 c. feta cheese, crumbled

1 tsp. TCoons "The Stuff!"


Divide ground beef into three sections and roll each into a large circle

In separate bowl, combine kale, cheese and The Stuff!. Place 1/3 of kale mixture on one of the ground beef patties and roll the ground beef around the mixture so that the ground beef completely seals the mixture. Reshape into a patty. Repeat for the other two kale burgers. Grill like a regular hamburger until the internal temperature is about 150° F and the meat is still juicy. Salivate and savor!

Fresh Kale

                     Fresh Kale

Kale and Feta Cheese Mix

       Kale Mixed with Feta Cheese

Prepared Kale Burgers

           Prepared Kale Burgers

Kale Burger Cooked Rare

        Kale Burgers Cooked Rare